Toilet and washing machine overflows can pose a major health hazard. You need technicians who can remove the water and reverse the damage.

Most toilet and washing machine overflows are considered either “grey water” or “black water.” Grey water may contain chemicals, bio-contaminants (fungal, viral, bacterial, algae) and other forms of contamination. Grey water damage must be attended to quickly. Time and temperature adversely affect contamination levels; if nothing is done within 48 hours, grey water is reclassified as black water, and the hazard level increases because the water is very dangerous for children, the elderly and those with weak immune systems. Black water damage is grossly unsanitary and should be attended to by professionals before you re-enter your property.

Water has a way of traveling to places you can’t always see but that will still affect you, like between walls and under floors. At Dry Experts, we diligently search for all traces of water damage to fully remove the water and restore your property.

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