A broken or burst pipe can cause water damage within the walls of your home or office, creating the perfect environment for mold to flourish in areas that aren’t visible to most people. Even a seemingly minor leak can cause serious damage in a short amount of time.

At any time, your home or office could face the following:

  • Kitchen sink line leak
  • Bathroom sink line leak
  • Hot water heater leak
  • Dishwasher line leak
  • Washing machine line leak

Although the water from a broken or burst pipe is typically considered “clean water,” mold and bacteria will still grow if the water is not thoroughly removed and the affected areas treated. It’s important to not delay in contacting a water extraction company when you have water damage from a broken pipe. The resulting mold from this water damage can cause serious illnesses in children, senior citizens and people with compromised immune systems, and can even cause illness in healthy adults.

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