The Right Equipment To Tackle Water Damage

When you hire a company to handle your water damage, you want to make sure that they not only have the experience to handle the job, but also the correct equipment. At Dry Experts Water Restoration, we have the right equipment and enough equipment to handle multiple jobs at once.

dehumidifier phoenix
Dry Experts Water Restoration uses Phoenix R200 dehumidifiers that have an AHAM rating of 120 pints per day.

Our equipment first starts with having the right truck to handle the water extraction. Our box truck is dedicated to water extraction jobs, and has a powerful truckmounted unit with a 150 gallon recovery tank. We also have the ability to run a separate line to the sewer clean out, which for large jobs allows us to keep extracting water without ever having to leave the jobsite to dump the dirty water. Next is having the proper tools to be able to remove damaged materials without damaging the rest of the home. Our drying equipment is second to none. At Dry Experts Water Restoration, we use Phoenix R200 LGR dehumidifiers that have an AHAM rating of 120 pints per day. Moisture and humidity testing equipment are also in our arsenal to make sure that we are able to detect all areas of concern in the home. There is much more! See our website for more information.

If you are experiencing a water damage and need a company with the right equipment to extract the water and dry out your structure, call Dry Experts Water Restoration at (210) 396-7100 or (830) 358-7965. We serve San Antonio and New Braunfels, and will send out an IICRC certified technician to do the job right!

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