Causes of Water Damages

Water damage is not fun. One way of preventing water damage is to know some of the things that cause it.  We have listed a few items in the house that can cause damage when not working properly:

  1. Ice makers
  2. Washing machines
  3. Water heaters
  4. Frozen pipes
  5. HVAC condensate lines

The above items fall into either category 1 or category 2 water damage. There are other types including a toilet overflow that is considered a category 3 loss. If you find yourself with water all over your floor, or dripping down your wall, don’t hesitate to call a professional IICRC water mitigation company. At Dry Experts Water Restoration, we will send out an experienced technician that will extract the water, protect your home and your belongings, and dry out the structure.

A broken pipe can cause a lot of water damage in a short amount of time.

Dry Experts Water Restoration serves San Antonio and New Braunfels.  Call (210) 396-7100 or (830) 358-7965 if you are experiencing a water emergency and need help fast!

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